Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Intermission - Just Making

I cannot tell you how many times I've been told to go to grad school. I graduated with a degree in applied mathematics, completed the honors program, graduated Magna Cum Laude and wrote a research thesis as an undergrad but I am not enrolled in grad school. Even now I'm not working full time. My husband is the chief financial provider around here and I get to make the food. Believe me, it's much better this way. If he did the cooking we'd have pizza and bagged pre-made food from the frozen section every day. I work part time as a math tutor and do enjoy that. There are some kids out there who have fallen through the cracks and I like being able to help them. I also got caught up in making wedding veils and then jewelry and other things. I am completely enjoying this. What bothers me is that some people think I'm wasting my time tutoring and making various things. I like being able to make things. I've also met some great people on Etsy. There are so many people out there who make handmade items. Beautiful, wonderful items! But because the price is slightly higher than what you can find at Walmart people don't want to buy handmade items even if they really are better quality. A lot of love and work goes into craft. Just look at these handmade soaps! They are made so well! Also look at these and these. There are also a lot of people who make their own glass beads. I wish I could do that. This person and this person do an especially good job. And check out how creative this person is! Yet despite the overwhelming amount of talent out there people are struggling with their craft. The usual consumer is looking for a deal but when things are handmade they take time in order to have a great product and they tend to cost more so one can make a living. All this and I still could find a job doing higher math for some company somewhere in the Milwaukee area. I like what I'm doing now. I don't consider it a waste of time to do what I am doing. I'm taking a risk. Maybe in the end I will have to pick up a full time math job to pay the bills but right now I'm just making.

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