Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Lampwork Jewelry and New Section!

This week I have been very busy! I am going to my sister's graduation this week and I wanted to get some new things out before then. My husband and I are also planning our vacation for July and I have a new dog that I'm watching on and off. I'm trying my best to maintain some semblance of a garden but the crummy weather hasn't been helping. It's been in the 50's for several days the past couple weeks. That doesn't help my poor watermelon and cantaloupe plants. A lot has been accomplished though. Check out some of my new lampwork jewelry:

This one can be found here and features lampwork beads from Scott:

This one is made with lampwork discs from Alisha and carnelian stone beads:

In addition, I also started a section with jewelry and accessories that are all five dollars or less. Here are a few things from that section:

These earrings feature bumpy lampwork beads from May:

This necklace is made with Czech glass beads:

This bracelet is made of white shell beads and foil glass hearts:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beautiful Glass

This week I started making some new things with the new handmade lampwork beads that I bought. This necklace is in bright blue and yellow. I love the three beads in the center. You'll have a hard time finding another one like this.

Speaking of blue and yellow. I have these wonderful lampwork discs from Alisha and couldn't resist making a pair of earrings with them and some cat's eye glass beads.

I found these beautiful two-toned Czech glass beads. They are a pink and orange color and remind me of ripe peaches. I made a three strand bracelet using those beads and small white faceted cat's eye glass beads. It's just a little too small for my wrist but I'm sure someone will love it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Insanely Busy

I went on a trip to Maryland with my dog. We drove two days to get to my parents' house, spent the weekend, spent two days in Salisbury three hours from there, went back to my parents' house and then drove to see my grandparents before heading out on the road back to Wisconsin. It was a long drive and one week after getting back, I'm still tired from it. Obie loved meeting everyone and getting lots of love.

Since getting back I've been on a hunt for some good lampwork beads. The mass-produced beads you find at general craft stores just won't do. Mom and I went to AC Moore while I was in Maryland and their beads were disappointing. Usually they have decent selection but this last time there were so many cracked and chipped beads. Mom's birthday is coming up and I decided to find her some nice lampwork beads and get a few for myself. I am hoping to get a few new things made soon and post them on Etsy.

I ordered some custom beads from MayzBeadz ... she has very beautiful beads at great prices. I've never beed disappointed. Here's some of her work:

I also found wonderful beads at GloryBeadGlassStudio. Just beautiful work and free shipping!

If you are looking for hollow beads or lampwork discs I suggest AlishaWhite's Etsy shop. They are the most perfect lampwork discs I have ever come across!

I will be updating with more pictures as soon as I can.