Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Chef Goes Gluten Free!

I wish! Ha! (Although I do believe something gluten free was done with Top Chef Masters.) As someone who recently went gluten-free, I soon discovered that eating out is impossible. I used to love going to a nice restaurant and enjoying a wonderful meal but now I absolutely hate eating out. There's nothing to eat! On top of that, I am I've often felt like it's my fault I can't eat gluten and that I'm making life terrible for the chef and everyone there. How dare I come out to eat! What was I thinking?! I can count on one finger how many times someone was truly helpful and understanding of this in a food establishment besides a gluten-free store. Somehow, I end up feeling like a less-than customer.

Speaking of food, I loved Top Chef this season! I was rooting for the Voltaggio brothers all the way! I am a native of Frederick, Maryland and was glad to see some people from home. After spending almost two years living in the Middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin, it was somehow like seeing a familiar face every week. And I would eat their food any day... as long as it's gluten free.

Oh hey, you can also find this new necklace on Etsy! It features sterling silver, glass beads and a handmade lampwork focal bead from Heather.

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