Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trading is Most Excellent

I love this necklace. So many colors and I just love the glass beads. It's going to be hard to part with but for now I will enjoy it. I have this up for sale and have added some PIF items and dropped prices on several things.

I tried to tie that into what I'm about to say but it just sounded too hokey. So I am changing the subject.

I must say that I love me a good trade. Any of you Etsians out there who are traders will, hopefully, agree with me. I am just addicted to it. I love getting things I need or want in a good Etsy trade. No money need be exchanged. The Tradeaholics team on Etsy had a trade and stay event last week. I did several trades for dog treats for Obie, a dog ID tag, some cards, two pairs of earrings, soap, tote bags, this cute ceramic ornament for our anniversary, a coffee cozy, some napkins for Evelyn and beads. I know, many links, but I am so thrilled with all my trading. Any other Etsy traders out there? I have found that lately many people are reluctant to trade and would just rather make money. Well money is great but I needed a new dog ID tag for Obie and Etsy trading means I don't have to drive around buying things. Trading makes people happy. If something has sold at all and it's been posted for a few months but someone wants to trade, if I like something in their shop I'll trade for it.

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