Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Growing Food and Springtime Jewelry

I haven't been making too much for Etsy lately. I traded so much last month in the trade-n-stay and have yet to make more things. I have several things in my shop that remind me of spring. I made this necklace and love wearing it. It's made with lampwork glass beads and Czech glass beads.

I also have this bracelet and this necklace that have been on sale for several months and I love both of them. They both remind me of spring.

Now on to my other hobby of late. I simply love biting into a ripe melon in the middle of summer. Yellow watermelon is probably my favorite but I love red watermelon and cantaloupe too. I decided that this year I would try growing some of my own. I haven't been able to find any yellow watermelon since moving out here. I even had to order the seeds on the internet. We eat a lot of squash too so I decided to try planting all those three types of melon plus squash. Since we live in Wisconsin, it can snow into the month of May so I decided to plant the seeds inside and then transplant them outside in late May or early June. So far there is a little squash plant that popped up this weekend and several little red watermelon plants that have poked through the soil. The yellow watermelon seeds came in the mail nine days after I planted the others so they haven't had much time to grow yet. Still no action on the cantaloupe but I hope that something will grow there soon. Here are some pictures I took today.

The red watermelon:
The squash plant:

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