Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Cold in Winter!

It has been a crazy winter. For my friends, well I miss you guys in Maryland. I really could have used a buddy to go get coffee with. Melissa and LP are good for going for coffee. I miss them. With the snow around here I could have used a nice hot cup of coffee or tea.

I think a rough winter deserves a fun spring. That is why I'm packing up my stuff and the dog and heading to Maryland for about 10 days in April. I'd love to bring Nate but he has work obligations. I'm hoping to do the Maryland tour and have Obie with me. Just about everyone in Maryland has asked about him and they all want to meet him. I actually think that if I don't bring him they won't want to see me and will send me driving back to Wisconsin. Obie loves a good car ride so he should be fine with it.

I really need to keep up with this blog thing. I love putting up pictures of things I've made and sharing them. I like to get some feedback on what I've made. I also like to write a little bit about me and connect with people. Winter has been pretty wintery here and I don't get out much. I've got some pretty bad cabin fever. I've been tutoring, working around the house, reading books, watching Numb3rs and NCIS and making jewelry. Some of those things are what I do to make a living and keep things from falling apart... other things in that list are just fun things to do. Going for walks has been hard lately. I need ice skates more than shoes. I also want to share this scarf my sister made... the one in the picture. Vivian is just 14 and she is so talented! That scarf is just so pretty and soft! She just has this great knack to make great things. I'm so proud of her.

Yes, the title seems obvious, but it's really been cold this winter with few exceptions. This scarf is the answer! The pockets can stretch a bit as well. Thank you Hannah for modeling!

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